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Communicate in a way that makes people who experience your brand feel unique and win them forever.


Make sure your audience knows everything about what you offer so their choice becomes obvious.


Start treating your business as a precious asset that increases in authority & value over time.


Simplify your decision making process by creating a structured branding system that helps you focus on what matters most.


Create a system that will facilitate and assist all your possible efforts and ideas for growth.


Position yourself so that you are the only option.


Make sure your  business communication spreads the right message effortlessly across all types of media.



You get a world class branding system — designed from scratch or a redesign of your current one — that truly reflects the DNA of your business & creates space for sustainable growth.

You get a branding style guide so you stop worrying about any possible inconsistencies across the full range of your products & services.

You get all artworks needed for the messaging of your brand to be manifested across all types of media. Logo systems, sub-brand logos, custom branded icons, your full custom website, your product’s packaging, trade booth concepts, social media promo material and everything your brand needs for its communication to be clear and consistent.

You get promotional campaigns for all types of media following the exact same branding style guide.

That’s how you discover a structured decision making process so intuitive and self-sustained, that will make your business life easier and definitely more fun!

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You deserve a life where your business will have its own sustainable system to reward you for your efforts in the long run and in a multitude of ways. There is a way to automate effectiveness for your business, regardless of your industry. In Plus Gravity we design well and we listen better. We listen to your needs and create the right visual communication elements, which you can use as tools to achieve, not only your current goals, but your long term goals as well. Together we’ll evaluate the needs of your business and always in-line with your goals and aspirations we’ll suggest the most creative and ROI-effective custom design solutions that will make the transition from level to level seem more easy and effortless than ever. We create solid visual communication guidelines and use them to design everything from your logo to your website and packaging for your products, using a holistic approach that leads to a consistent result. The same guidelines are applied to your marketing communication on social media campaigns in a consistent manner. We help you make strategic decisions, making sure that you make the best out of your complete system of strategically structured visual communication elements, that adds value to your business.

What we do

Plus Gravity is a creative branding design studio that helps passionate entrepreneurs start and grow profitable businesses. We believe that the faster you build a quality brand that supports you and your family, the faster you’ll be able to focus your energy on making even bigger contributions to the world that will have a lasting impact.


Our vision is to create and sustain a network of highly effective & profitable brands, each one of which will be preferred, acknowledged and respected for their unique characteristics and all of them together will help us progress towards a more harmonious, healthy, enlightened and awakened humanity.

How we do it

Our approach is based on our passion to contribute and improve ourselves and everything we can affect every single day. We wake up with the certainty that today is the day we’ll create our masterpiece. The way we do it is:

• We strive to find the overlap between high aesthetics and applied utility

• We combine creative design with ethical entrepreneurship to create innovative brands that accelerate evolution, towards making the world a better place

• We don’t focus on past achievements but we use it as leverage so we can constantly improve what we’re doing now

• We respect everyone’s time, ideas, energy and attention

• We believe in humanity and we care about the personal growth of every single individual among our clients

• We add as much value as possible at every opportunity

• We selectively choose projects that have the capacity to generate ethical value, while promoting a culture of togetherness, that makes all of us care about each other on a deep level

• We are grateful for all that is and all that will be

Thank you!

On a personal note, I’d like to thank you for reaching that far! On this journey, I am dedicated to leveraging my expertise and creativity to empower your brand’s visual identity and contribute to its growth and impact in the marketplace. Together, we will establish the strategic framework that defines the visual communication of your business. As your strategic partner, my role is to collaborate with you in shaping the visual communication directed towards both existing and potential customers. Whether building from scratch or refining existing design guidelines, I prioritize semantic consistency, clarity, and effectiveness, while ensuring alignment with your mission, vision, and values. I firmly believe in businesses’ potential to serve humanity, and I am committed to ensuring that our collaboration aligns with both your and my vision of creating a better world.





The Process

The approach taken during the creative process is holistic, combining modern communication tactics, basic and advanced aesthetic principles, graphic design rules of communication, marketing psychology communication tactics, and a touch of magic. Of course, my deep desire is to offer and contribute my best in the direction your vision will inspire.


The Team

After you share your vision with me, a dream team of self-motivated, driven and talented professionals, each one expert at his/her own filed, will come up with a homogeneous system of highly aesthetic and synergistic visual communication elements.


The Commitment

This system will become one of the most important and valuable assets of your business and it will help you:

• Increase the rate of value offering

• Maximize brand recognition

• Maximize flexibility for creative strategic decisions

• Reduce implementation time for important decisions

• Simplify all promotional processes

• Assist to rapid overall growth


The creation and continuous evolution of your own brand is a process that can be stress-free and full of pleasant surprises at the same time, as long as it is firmly established. We will lay these foundations together, with our main challenge being to make you prouder than ever of your brand and to inspire your administration style to be as passionate and effective as possible. For each next step in regards to the visual communication of your business you will have the opportunity to have my personal guidance.


The Mission

What excites me in every single project is actively searching for the element that will inspire me to offer my maximum ability. I consider each project to be important for me to get involved on a personal level, not only in terms of communication strategy and quality assurance but also in terms of drawing inspiration from the project’s objectives. I ensure that I have as many reasons as possible to contribute with 100% devotion to it. This holistic, long-term, contribution-oriented approach has been the key to the successful outcomes for our clients, which is exactly how we measure the quality of our work.”


About Isaac Zakar

What really excites me is finding the overlap between high aesthetics and efficiency. My experience in the field of Advertising as Art Director and later on as Creative Director, has offered me the skill-set to help people with a vision to start or radically upgrade the visual communication of their business. In my career I have designed visuals for reputable brands such as LG, BP, Danone, Friesland-Campina, Boehringer Ingelheim, Papastratos, Loulis Mills and WIND Hellas. For years I’ve been focusing on collecting, decoding, evaluating and recording all the communication rules that apply when a set of visual communication assets work together effectively as a system. It is now your chance to capitalize on this yearlong process and connect it directly to your own vision.


I admire and salute you for reading so far! I invite you to take a moment and make a mental vision in your head of what it would mean for your brand to be harnessing the power of strategic high-quality design and also to consider the amounts of value the world would benefit if offering more value than expected was the default mode for all of us, always in the context of a strongly ethical value system. The highest quality version of your branding starts here.


Isaac Zakar
Founder & Creative Director

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